Circular moving systems preferred in areas close to square. Systems that move full rounds are called Center Pivot.


These are systems that move circularly on a reinforced concrete platform equipped with steel and make irrigation automatically. Irrigation is done by selecting the nozzle arrangement and sprinkler type that provides homogeneous water distribution according to the current flow and product type. The construction of the system consists of hot-dip galvanized steel. The machines can work on slopes of up to 15%. In Center Pivot Irrigation Systems, water application efficiency reaches 85-95%. The system consists of towers (span) between 34 and 65 meters. The lengths of the systems can reach up to 1400 meters. With the systems, thousands of acres can be irrigated automatically without touching. Center Pivot irrigation systems can irrigate with a single machine starting from 5 decares (5000 square meters) to thousands of decares.

Due to the high water application efficiency, you can save water by using the water used by using 35% to 50% less water than surface irrigation systems. In addition, it is possible to fertilize from a single center in Center Pivot Systems. In this way, you can also save fertilizer.

It is the most economical irrigation system in the world used in large agricultural areas.

Corn, Wheat, Sunflower
Cane Sugar, Canola,
Barley, Clover,
Sugar beet,
Dwarf Fruit and Citrus Trees,
Melon watermelon,
All forage crops,
Cotton, Onion, Potato
And many other plants can be irrigated.


1) Collector ring: 10-11-12-13 rings, numbered coded, IP 55
2) Main structure has heavy duty legs with the size of 100x100x10 - 80X80X8 - 70x70x7 mm angle iron.
3) The legs are connected with 50x50x5 mm angle iron.
4) Pivot riser pipe and the pivot head are manufactured with 8 5/8” pipe. Riser Pipe seal is V type that is resistive for impermeability under the high pressure. Intake elbow flange can be adjustable for needed direction where the water source comes from. Pivot point has a ladder to reach top.
5) Manometer : 0-10 Bar, stainless stell frame, glycerine Pressure gauge : Low and high pressure protective. 0-10 Bar adjustable.


The drive unit legs are produced with heavy duty 70x70x7 - 80x80x8mm angle iron.
Horizontal supports are 50x50x4/5mm angle iron.
5-9/16'-6 5/8” drive tube.


Extra boom for the irrigation coverage. Steel cable supported. Drainage ball valves are inculuded at the begining and at the end.
The length of the overhang is avaliable between 0,75 Mts. to 24,6 Mts. (2,5ft to 80,7ft)

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