• 1998



    Enterprise in Istanbul in 1998, Atlantis operates in agricultural and landscape areas. Production and installation of Agricultural Irrigation Systems (Center Pivot and Linear Irrigation System), drip irrigation systems, landscape (recreation) irrigation systems, compact construction equipment, greenhouse construction production and installation and agricultural product production constitute the main working areas of Atlantis.



    Atlantis has started to produce Center Pivot and Linear Irrigation Systems within its own structure, breaking a new ground in Agricultural Irrigation in Turkey since the end of 1998. Thanks to these systems, thousands of decares of land are irrigated untouched by saving time, labor and the amount of water used. Atlantis has managed to develop models of Center Pivot and Linear Irrigation Systems that can be used for different field sizes with its R&D projects.



    In Agricultural Irrigation; Atlantis, operating using the latest technology in Center Pivot, Linear Irrigation Systems and Drip Irrigation Systems, provides application projects consultancy services, assembly and all kinds of technical services within its own structure.



    In the production of compact construction machines, it sells the machines that it has produced as a result of its R&D activities and provides after-sales services. Greenhouse construction systems are produced and assembled by Atlantis authorized personnel. It has a wide range of products in vegetable production in agricultural product cultivation.

  • 2021



    Atlantis with its expert staff; In order to meet the needs of the sector, it has all the technological infrastructure required in the project, installation, operation and maintenance stages and offers this experience to its customers in the best way. Atlantis achieves great success as a justified result of the project design, implementation, technical support, material sales, as well as the quality consultancy services it offers free of charge. Continuing its works meticulously, Atlantis has many dealers and authorized dealers throughout Turkey and tries to offer you the best service with its service quality and reliability.

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