In many parts of the world, these systems, which were created for the purpose of irrigating large agricultural areas with the most economical and high performance, have been accepted by the irrigation of many plants in different land and climate conditions over the years.

Composed of completely galvanized steel pipes and steel construction, the system moves in a circular rotation on a reinforced concrete platform and automatically irrigates without human touch.

Center Pivot Irrigation Machines can operate at slopes up to 15%. The water usage efficiency in Center Pivot Irrigation Systems reaches 90-95%.

Center Pivot Irrigation Machines consist of towers between 34-65 meters. With the systems, thousands of acres of land can be irrigated automatically without human touch. Systems can start from 34 meters and reach a radius of 1300 meters. (A single machine can irrigate up to approximately 530 hector)


Linear irrigation systems are systems developed to irrigate thin and long rectangular fields by moving straight. For the system to work, the machine takes water along a line and irrigates by moving linearly. The machines can work comfortably at slopes of up to 4-5%. The length of the systems can reach up to 1000 meters.

Linear Irrigation Machines can provide irrigation efficiency up to 85-95%. Linear Irrigation Machines do not leave an irrigated area by irrigating up to 98% of the land. It is possible to fertilize from a single center with systems.

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