These are systems that have been developed due to the more efficient use of decreasing water resources and the need for automatic irrigation machines. With the drip irrigation pipes added to the existing Linear irrigation machines, the machines have the capability of both sprinkler and drip irrigation. In this way, the advantages of drip irrigation and the advantages of linears are combined to enable irrigation. . Water application efficiency can reach up to 95-98%.

1) As a result of the use of multi-year drip irrigation pipes, it is environmentally friendly. You don't have to buy drip irrigation pipes all the time.

2) It is economical and easy to maintain since a pipe is used at a rate of 1% -10% of the current drip irrigation pipe amount.

3) It provides the opportunity to do both sprinkler and drip irrigation with the same machine.

4) It is an automatic system. In this way, labor costs are minimized.

5) Fertilizers and pesticides can be applied either from the leaves or to the soil.

With Mobile Linear Drip Irrigation Systems,
• Corn, Wheat, Sunflower
• Candy Cane, Canola,
• Barley, Clover,
• Sugar beet,
• Dwarf Fruit and Citrus Trees,
• Melon watermelon,
• All forage crops,
• Cotton, Onion, Potato
• Legumes,
• And many other plants can be watered.

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